Eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 Virus on Contact

Learn more about our powerful disinfection services offered in Kyle, TX

Now more than ever, it's important to keep your workplace sanitized properly. If you need help protecting your commercial space against the spread of COVID-19 or you are already aware of an existing contamination, turn to Atex Medical Decon for disinfection services. Our residential and commercial cleaning company based in Kyle, TX will use advanced equipment and proven techniques to eliminate the virus.

By wiping down every surface and following up with electrostatic spray disinfecting, we can get rid of all traces of any coronaviruses, HIV, syphilis, MRSA and other dangerous contaminants. Call now to schedule an appointment for our virus sanitation services.

Dedicated to keeping our community safe

To us, you're not just another client on a spreadsheet. Atex Medical Decon is committed to working closely with members of our community here in Kyle, TX to provide the best possible cleaning and disinfecting solutions. When we're finished sanitizing your commercial space, we'll offer you a certified letter stating that your business is clean. When customers or clients see our logo, they'll know your business is safe.

Why choose us?

Not every cleaning company is fully equipped to provide COVID-19 cleaning services. Atex Medical Decon is a trusted residential and commercial cleaning company providing deep-cleaning services for clients throughout the Kyle, TX area. Our business stands out from the rest with:

  • A certification from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC)
  • Cleaning products and solutions approved by the FDA to disinfect
  • Chemicals that are safe for children, adults and pets
You can even stay while we spray your property, making the entire experience comfortable and convenient. We're fully insured for your complete peace of mind. Reach out today for disinfection services anywhere in the greater Austin area.