Benefits of COVID-19 Disinfecting

Stay One Step Ahead of the Virus

Get regularly scheduled electrostatic spray disinfecting in Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, and surrounding areas in TX

When a single positive case can quickly spiral into an uncontrollable spread, waiting until your business has confirmed contact with COVID-19 could be too late. Keep your employees, customers and clients, safe in Kyle, TX with ongoing COVID-19 disinfecting services from Atex Decon.

Electrostatic spray disinfecting has been shown to be a powerful tool against the surface and airborne spread. Our specialized COVID-19 disinfecting services are up to 50% faster than conventional methods. Plus, our powerful cleaning solution is also effective against MRSA, influenza, HIV and other dangerous viruses and bacteria.

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Take full advantage of emerging sanitation techniques

Wiping surfaces is far from the most effective or efficient method for eliminating viruses. In fact, you may simply be spreading the virus around. Electrostatic spray disinfecting will cover every surface with a thin film of powerful cleaning solution. This will provide more complete and consistent coverage without any wasted time or the danger of overusing products.

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